Tugas ketiga Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2#

Nama Anggota :
1.                  Anggi Chynthia Devi (20210817)
2.                  Debby Nur                  (21210725)
3.                  Fitri Sabrina                (22210840)
There are a people in this conversation. There are Fitri as Fitri, Anggi as Fitri’s friend and Debby as a teller.
One day, Fitri is shopping in the market. Suddenly, she meet a girl who she knows. The girl is her old friend which has a name Anggi. Then happen a conversation between them.
Fitri     : Hi, Anggi! (they’re shaking hand)
Anggi  : Hi, Fitri. It’s surprise.What are you doing here?
Fitri     : Like you are, shopping. How are you Anggi?
Anggi  : Fine. You? Long time no see you, Fitri?
Fitri     : Very well, thank you.
After that, they pay their goods to the cashier and go out from the market.
Fitri     : Anggi, after this where are you going?
Anggi  : I want to go somewhere, but I don’t know.
Fitri     : Why? Where you want to go?
Anggi  : Bank. I want to save my money.
Fitri     : Where is the bank?
Anggi  : I don’t know. I’m still confused, because it’s first time for me to save my money in the bank.
Fitri     : Ok. Let me show you!
Finally, they arrived at the Bank A. But, Anggi feels doubtful. Fitri know about it from her face, so she ask to her.
Fitri     : Why, Anggi?
Anggi  : I’m not sure, fit.
Fitri     : Calm down. It will be better if we go inside. Trust me, it’s easy!
Anggi  : Alright.
Then, they go to the teller. Based on name text, her name is Debby.
Debby (Teller) : Good afternoon! May I help you?
Fitri                 : Yes, Ms. My friend wants to make a new account in this bank.
Debby (Teller) : Ok, I will show you our product bank. We have saving, deposit, giro and credit card.
Anggi              : Can you explain all of them?
Debby (Teller) : Ok. First, a saving, you can save your money and you will get an interest a month. You can also take your money with ATM all the time.
Fitri                 : How about deposit?
Debby (Teller) : Deposit is same with saving. But the difference is deposit has a due date. Usually deposits have maturities of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
Anggi              : What do you mean with ‘due date’?
Debby (Teller) : It means deposit are deposits in bank which funding can only be done at a specific time according the due date if you make withdrawn before due date you will get a penalty.
Anggi              : Ok. I see and then what else?
Debby (Teller) : And giro is a deposits which may be withdrawn at anytime by using the media checks, giro and other orders of payment.
Anggi              : So, how about credit card? It’s familiar for me. What it used?
Debby (Teller) : Credit card is a card issued by yhe bank and the same like that which to allow the carrier buy the items they need for debt.
Anggi              : Ok. I understand about that.
Debby (Teller) : So for all, which do you want to fund your money, saving, deposit or giro?
Anggi              : I think I want saving and deposit.
Fitri                 : Anggi, which deposit do you want?
Anggi              : I want deposit in 6 months.
Debby (Teller) : Alright, so please fill this registration form completely.
Anggi              : Ok.

A few minutes ago, Anggi has finished fill registration form. Beside that, she gets from the teller a saving book and certificate of deposit. And then, Anggi saying thank you while shaking hand with the teller. Now, Anggi has officially become the customer’s bank.


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